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We'd like to thank everyone who came out to our Food Fight on August 31st to help raise funds for the Gladstone Fire Department Toy Drive. We had a lot of fun.

The ammunition was "rescued" food from local merchants - that is, rescued from the trash and pressed into service as projectiles.

The Gladstone Fire Department was on hand to clean up all the participants and the fight area.

Our sincere thanks to all who helped make this event a success!
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We believe in giving back to the community. Our staff spend time each month on company time working on a service project of their choice. We believe that providing service makes our area, our business, and our employees better.

We had a great time having the police, the fire department, friends, and lots of community members enjoy ice cream while gathering a lot of toys and raising money for the kids in Gladstone.

The slide show to the right shows some of the highlights. If you'd like to know more, Click the link to see the full story behind Customer Appreciation Days.
<![CDATA[Customer Appreciation]]>Mon, 08 Jul 2013 19:52:04 GMThttp://www.gladstonebaskinrobbins.com/community/customer-appreciation-weekHere are some of the testimonials that cam from our Customer Appreciation Week activities:

Big Success!  Sean said we received around 75 pounds of pills in 4 hours.  I am told we had around 55 cars/walk-ups take advantage of this service.  I want to thank all of our GYC partners, GPD Chaplains, GFD, Sean Boyle, Eric Graves and Len Nelson.  Thanks to all of you, Gladstone is a little healthier.  I think we started a good tradition.  Well done by all.  This is what makes Gladstone a special place. 

Eric will be sending out a press release and will make sure there is a story in our newsletter and will also publish it via the “Next Door” Gladstone website.



Jim Pryde, Chief of Police

Gladstone Police Department

535 Portland Avenue

Gladstone, OR 97027



"Mistakes are the portals for discovery."

-James Joyce


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Ryan Ledoux

May 12, 2013

Steve Leitz

The event:

During the summer of 2013 Baskin Robbins hosted a community event at their Gladstone, Oregon location. Many stores in the area had been complaining about the event and having to give away free ice cream. However, one location was different. This store wanted to make a good thing out of the bad. We had a plan. And that plan was to hos a food drive for the local fire department, along with a toy drive and other events. Instead of making a big deal out of everything,  we sought to solve problems in our community, boldly hosting a massive drive. It was resoundingly successful, and we gathered many bundles of toys and delicious nonperishables for the community.

But it wasn't just the community that benefited from the event. Our loyal customers were each given a raffle ticket, earned either by participating in our food drive or by purchasing one of Baskin Robbins' signature ice cream cakes. These delicious frozen delicacies would also be handed out as prizes later in the event, when tickets were drawn and prizes were awarded. Among the other things given out were the grand prizes: three vouchers good for a free quart of any ice cream desired each month for one year. Smaller prizes were mocha blasts and frozen treats. 

My role:

I participated in the three day event by scooping alongside the firefighters, who graciously showed up to assist us with the crowds. Since it was customer appreciation, all scoops were one dollar, and the hot deals and cool steals were flying out of our tubs at lightning pace. Hardly could a word be heard over the clamor of scooping and raucous of the crowd. But here at Baskin Robbins Gladstone, that's the way we like it. We prefer a full house and family friendly tunes to any room set in a scene of silence and boredom. That's why we took the job.

Later, I showed up to the raffle event. The aforementioned firemen were already there, waiting to collect the stockpile of toys and canned food we had for them. Also present was the chief fireman, leading a drug disposal day, wherein anyone could bring in his or her prescription drugs for pickup and disposal, like a safety drive-through. While that was going on, the tickets were shuffled around and drawn out by firefighters, and names were collected and saved for later, when we would call them and inform them of their prizes. 


I know this event impacted the community in a positive way, and I['m proud to have been a part of it. It was nice to be able to give back to the customers with cheap ice cream, but my heart truly belongs moreso to the community. Those without homes because of drastic and unforeseen consequences of fire can now partake in the little symbols of hope that are toys and freash, free food. That's what was the best part of the experience for me. It was also nice to have the mayor of Gladstone present to watch and comment on the good things that we were doing, lending official condonement of our actions.


Those were a hectic three days. Much planning, preparation, and thought went into putting them together. But in the end, I'm glad we did what we did. We could have been like many of the other chain stores, the other Baskin Robbins' locations, and simply done what we needed to do. However, we made something more of those days, and that's what set us apart. I hope that in the days that follow we will be seen as a positive force in the Gladstone community. 

Hi Steve,
I went to the library today and helped out there. I mostly sorted books and helped a patron who had a question about printing layouts.
P.S. Also, with Morgan gone and with I assume either you or Dahlia doing the schedule, just wanted to send a reminder that I have a prior engagement on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and am unavailable. Thanks again.

Staff Newsletter   to christmasleitz@comcast.net; Izaak Paige; Lacey Bauer; Morgan Young; Rachael Yarber; Ryan LeDoux

             Well guys, April was a full month. Thanks for helping to make it all possible. We exceeded last year’s sales by 40%; twice what we hoped for. The customer appreciation days were a raving success. We went from about 100-125 rings a day to over 250, twice the volume. Even though we were so busy, we treated each customer as they should be treated: “special”! The fire department and Alpenrose are still talking about how much fun they. We hope to have atleast two more events this year (not as big). So, get ready!

                I can’t thank you all enough for all of your effort and endurance of the lack of hours through the winter. Now is the time to make up for those lost hours. Izaak and Ryan, let Mo know how many hours you need, as you three come first.

                The community service program is not working out as well as I hoped. Just so you know I am still committed to the program. Lacey deserves mention as she has been consistent with completing her hours. Please let me know if I can help in any way to fulfill your commitments. I encourage you all to get on board. All in all, we have had a great month. Here is to a “summer”.

                Another thing I would like to talk about is a thing we will be doing with the free kids scoop coupons. I want you guys to ask the kids how they got them, and if they said they got them doing something good in school, let them know they are a good citizen. I then want to take a picture of them with their coupon and Ice cream in front of our quart card board poster thing. I will be taking all the picture and putting them in the picture slideshow that is in front of the cash register. Each month I will be choosing the kid who did the best to be a good citizen, and is picture will be put up in a local bank. This will hopefully get our name out there, encourage good behavior in kids, and get them to want to come in to our store more often! Thanks for your help with this.

                  Here is my feedback on my community service hours: In April I did my c.s. in a few different ways. First, we did the toy drive with the fire department. I don’t know how many hours I put in, but it was more than two. As Mo was sick, I will donate two hours to her. I was also Involved in the GYC Taking it to the Streets Drug Campaign. Again, over two hours, but I didn’t keep track.

                Lastly, Dal and I spent 1 ½ hours picking up litter along River Road with the Rotary. We were thanked over and over again by the residents as we passed. I see my effect on the community in different ways as each cause was different. The toy drive brought the fire marshal together with the community as I introduced him to many business owners. The toys will bring joy to underprivileged kids and families in need. The GYC event took prescription drugs out of circulation. And the cleanup helps dignify us all. These events also affected me as I saw that, without much effort, I can make things better.

                In May, I volunteered at GYC to help at an art class. I have been developing a friendship with Mrs. Withers (the art teacher), and the kids all know me by now. They tell me about coming to the store and what they got. We made free form monsters. I asked where the monsters came from, and got answers anywhere from outer space to under the bed. Creepy! The kids, as usual, keep me young. At least in my own head.

                Thanks again for all your hard work. Remember: SCOOOOOP SIZE. SCOOOOOOOOP SIZE. SCOOOOOP SIZE!!